Wooden table

Joinery and carpentry in Edinburgh involves lots of bespoke woodwork projects, from renovating sash & case windows to creating unique features for homes.

Bespoke timber items offer many benefits. Compared to their flat-pack substitutes, bespoke woodwork features can light up a home. They stand out from the usual and are truly yours – something designed specifically for you. Our homes are part of us, and should be a reflection of ourselves. Having a one-of-a-kind timber feature will do wonders to convert your house into a home, giving you a sense of ownership and pride.

What Advantages does Bespoke Carpentry Offer?

Get Something That is Right for You

When working on your home, everything should boil down to one thing: is this right for you? You can get a flatpack table or bookcase that will look fine, but you could have something so much more than “fine”. When commissioning a bespoke carpentry project, you receive something that will realise your vision for your home. Made-to-measure items, crafted with thought and care, won’t only enhance your property but will make it your home!

Don’t Worry About Clashes or Quality

You can be sure any bespoke woodwork will fit in with your current decor – it’s made specifically for this purpose! Your table, chest, or whatever else will blend in seamlessly as if it was always there. That’s something you’d be hard pressed to find with off-the-shelf furniture!

Joinery is a skill, and creating beautiful woodwork is an art. You’ll immediately notice the difference between generic, factory-made features and carefully designed and crafted characteristics. The quality of bespoke timber features are far superior to other options, standing the test of time and adding a timeless warmth to any space. Work completed by skilled craftsmen ensures you’ll get a wonderful feature for your home that will look great alongside what you already own.

Increase Your Property’s Value

Apart from aesthetics, bespoke carpentry can increase the value of your property. Anything that enhances your home will make it more desirable to buyers and add serious value should you ever make the decision to sell your home. This is important to remember when weighing up the cost of bespoke woodwork; whilst it may be more expensive you will reap the rewards in the future and receive a return on that investment!

Save Money – and the Environment!

As well as looking fantastic, natural wood is a great insulator. By having bespoke wooden features in your property you will actually be retaining heat and using less energy when heating your home; reducing bills and saving you money in the process.

That means you can do your part for the environment as well. Joinery is also a more environmentally friendly practice than buying mass-produced, factory-made products. At companies like Newtown Renovations, wooden features are hand-crafted. This is a far more sustainable practice and will reduce your carbon footprint further.


Bespoke Carpentry with Newtown

With our work, you can be sure we’ll use only the best materials which will stand the test of time and serve your home for years to come. The experience of our team and manager Jonathon means we are selective about what we use, and plan meticulously to ensure materials are of the highest quality.

What Can We Make?

We specialise in sash & case windows. These are a common feature of traditional properties in and around the Edinburgh area. We find that more and more people are opting for plastic frames for the sake of convenience, but there is no reason to sacrifice on the aesthetic. That’s why we offer sash & case renovations that retain the beauty of timber frames whilst being practical and durable.

Aside from that, we can produce timber features from tables to bookshelves to staircases. The quality of materials we use mean that all we produce will look fantastic now and in the future. So whether you’re refurbishing a room, converting a space or renovating your entire property get in touch to see about adding some bespoke timber features.