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Making the decision to renovate your property can be a daunting one. Whether giving your new home a revamp to make it more personal, wanting a makeover for your long-term residence or sprucing up a rented property, a renovation is no small undertaking.

There are loads of reasons why people might want to renovate their property, and doing so offers plenty of benefits for homeowners. We’ve been carrying out renovations of properties in and around Edinburgh for years, undertaking projects with refurbishments, extensions and makeovers of various aspects of a property. We’ve witnessed homes transform into unrecognisable versions of their former selves and have seen our clients delight in their new surroundings, but what are the main reasons that people opt for a renovation?

Why Renovate Your Property?

Turn a House into a Home

There are lots of reasons why you might want to renovate a property. First and foremost, renovation should enhance your standard of living by creating a space that you love being in! This should be your priority when planning your vision for the future look of your property.

A renovation can turn your home into something truly unique and personal to you. If you’re living there, why shouldn’t you change it to suit your needs and tastes? By altering your property according to your specifications you’ll love it like never before and will be able to feel truly at home.

Increase Your Property’s Value

Renovating properties can also add value to your home by adding attractive new features, fixing any problem areas or simply giving it a makeover. These all increase the desirability of your property so, should you ever make the decision to sell, you will be able to maximise its value!

This also means that you can be sure to receive a return on your investment. Depending on what work you have done, renovating a property can be expensive. However this shouldn’t be thought of as a frivolous expense as your home will increase in value which will benefit you in the long-run.

Renovation Increases Energy Efficiency

Similarly, renovation can save you money by increasing the efficiency of the home. Features like double glazed windows, heat pumps and roof insulation will increase the energy efficiency of your home, reducing utility bills and equally making your property more desirable to buyers.

This is something to seriously consider, especially today with rising utility bills being a major concern for many households. Making sure your home isn’t wasteful when it comes to energy use can save a household a vast amount of money through the winter months and be a valuable asset for years to come.

Renting Your Property

Thinking of renting a property out? Well there’s no better way of getting the edge on your competitors and keeping your property in demand than with a renovation that increases style as well as functionality.

Whether a short-term holiday let or renting for a longer period, having attractive new features will go a long way. New bathrooms, carpets and kitchens are some of the aspects that can really benefit a property and allow you to get the most from renting it out.

What Does a Full Renovation Involve?

To get an idea about what is involved when renovating a property take a look at the transformation this house went through on one of our recent projects.

For this project we re-plastered and painted the ceiling and walls, installed new flooring and skirting, renovated and draught-proofed windows and even rooms from cupboards to walk-in bathrooms (complete with underfloor heating)!

These projects need a lot of planning, excellent communication and a team with the range of skills required to manage the various aspects of the work. A renovation should completely transform your living space, breathing fresh life into it and adding features that will enhance it both aesthetically and functionally.

Our favourite bit: We think the whole project went brilliantly, but the walk-in shower room has got to be the pick of the bunch!
Once a cupboard, we transformed it into a luxury space. The rainfall shower, gold appliances and marble tiles create a grand and lavish aesthetic and add a huge appeal to an already wonderful home!

Whatever the scale of the project – whether a simple redecoration or totally transforming a space – we will handle the work with the care and professionalism required to ensure your vision is fully realised.