Timber dining room extension

Getting an extension can be a big decision. They require a lot of work, time and patience. So, it’s important to know exactly what you’re in for and what you’ll receive at the end of the process!

Why Get an Extension?

Build Your Dream Home – Don’t Move to a New One!

There are many reasons why you should consider extending your property. If you are settled in your current place then an extension is great for providing additional space. Whether for your family, your car or your hobbies, extra space is always welcome!

If you’ve spent many years making your home your own then the decision to leave will be a difficult one. When looking to upscale, then, you should make sure you have considered extending your property. This will mean you won’t have to start from scratch in a new property trying to make it your own again. You’ll simply be able to add to what you’ve already made of your home, creating new space for new memories for years to come.

Extensions Add Value

Extensions can also add a lot of value to your home, if done right. They provide the opportunity to create a truly unique and stylish space which increases the desirability for potential buyers. The additional space and inclusion of modern features which increase energy efficiency will also boost the property’s desirability. This is worth bearing in mind to off-set the initial cost of extensions. It isn’t like waving goodbye to your hard-earned money – it’s an investment!

If you want your home to be a bit different but don’t want the hassle of moving, then an extension can be the perfect solution. Make your home truly your home by tailoring it to your preferences – no need to go searching the market for the perfect place when you can create one yourself!

What’s Involved with Extensions?

Planning Permission

Extensions are mammoth jobs which require advice from a multitude of professionals, as well as the possibility of planning permission. Prior to beginning any work you’ll need to check the requirements for planning permission in your area. Depending on the size and location of your proposed extension there is a possibility that planning permission won’t be needed. However, in lots of cases planning permission is required.

Trades, Architects and Legal Services

When planning and building your extension you’ll need to enlist multiple services. Trades companies, architects and potentially legal services are just some of the professionals involved in the process. These all include varying levels of cost depending on the size and location of your extension as well as the timescale and materials involved.


There is lots to think about in terms of the disruption it might cause to your daily life. Construction work can be noisy, messy and will involve tradespeople coming to your home for an extended period of time. Finding a reputable and trustworthy company to carry out your work is an important part of minimising disruption. You’ll want to find a company that you trust and can be sure has your best interests at heart. You’ll also want to make sure any extensions are built in accordance with modern standards. If this isn’t done then not only could it cause issues for you whilst living there, but should you come to sell your property things could be challenging.

Extensions with Newtown

Our extension services will help you on your journey from planning to execution.

The variety of professionals within the Newtown Renovations team means can take care of all aspects of your work. Our team of in-house tradespeople will be in constant communication throughout the work, keeping you informed of its progress at all times. When such a huge project is underway there are often one or two hiccups. So, this aspect of our work is a particular priority when we’re working on extensions, as are our cleaning services. If we make any mess during our work we’ll enlist the help of a professional cleaning company. We put our clients first, so once we’ve finished work we want you to be able to sit back and enjoy your new extension – without any unsightly mess!

Your extension should transform any space into your dream home. Our expertise and skills mean we can tailor the project as far as possible to suit your exact needs. We want to build your dream, and that’s why we won’t say a job is finished until you’re delighted with a brand new extension.